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FIELD SCIENCE 14 SportsTurf | June 2017 and potassium nitrate are available in granular and in some cases, sprayable forms. Urea is formulated as a solid granule or hollow prill, and may also be applied as a foliar spray. Once bermudagrass is fertilized with urea, and if the soil is moist, this WSN source reacts quickly (usually within 7 to 10 days) with water to form ammonium-N (NH4+). The naturally occurring enzyme urease speeds this reaction. If bermudagrass is growing in alkaline (high pH) soil, ammonia (NH3) may volatize from ammonium-containing N sources as well as urea. Nitrogen losses by ammonia volatilization as high as 30% have been reported. In addition to highly water-soluble N, the K sources muriate of potash (0-0-61) Ammonium sulfate. A soil test report contains valuable information. Urea formaldehyde. Poly-coated urea. Milorganite.

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